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The wine as a communication tool

Vinelis was created at the end of the year 2000 by Gonzague Masquelier who wanted to initially create a wine tasting club for friends. Thanks to its winemaking and business knowledge to their contacts with the large wine cellars and its innovative spirit, he decided to turn his passion into enterprise. In these 14 years, Vinelis has become the reference company of exclusive services around wine, through its two ranges exclusive and fun

Photo of Vinelis 1
Photo of Vinelis 1

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The success of VINELIS, result of many successful experiences in organizing wine tasting events, can be explained by its “savoir faire” only but also by:

-Its important knowledge of the universe of great wines.
-Privileged access to the best wineries and their wines.
-Their actual understanding of the wishes and expectations of its clients.
-The component public relations of each event focused on networking and consolidation of their relations with customers.
-The thoroughness and dedication that allows you to organize close to 60 events and trips a year.
-A clear ethics: greater respect for wine, will be teaching thanks to the thoroughness and professionalism of the experts at VINELIS.