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Bilbao Events

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Location Centro de la ciudad

Your event space in Vizcaya

In the center of Bilbao. 3 minutes from Renfe station and the Metro, different rooms for your event, your meeting, your dinner…
The gastronomic room. With 200 square meters and capacity for 280 people in cocktail format, 200 in theater and 190 in banquet, it is the ideal place for your most crowded celebrations. Still need more?
We can offer you the cocktail room, adjoining this one, for a cocktail party of more than 400 people.

Photo of Bilbao Events 1
Photo of Bilbao Events 1

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Location Vizcaya

Cocktail Room
An elegant bar is the differential touch of our cocktail room. With 150 square meters, it is the perfect place to have a party, a cocktail or to enjoy the aperitif before dinner in the gastronomic room located right next door. 150 m2
Meeting Room
Ideal for meetings, presentations, samplers and formations, among many other uses! With 100 square meters you can gather up to 40 people in theater or school format. 100 m2

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