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Bodega Berroja

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Maximum capacity 650 pax

Location Centro de la ciudad

Your event space in Vizcaya

Located in a natural environment, on a plot of 24 ha. with privileged views over the whole Reserve and the different mountain ranges of Bizkaia. It is an ideal place to enjoy Txakoli, Nature and Landscape, as well as for the tasting of artisanal products made by local producers. There are also wine, recreational, nature sports, Ginkana, Team Building and House Games that can be accompanied to the traditional work meetings, meals or dinners prepared in the winery, which has a large and equipped kitchen, as well as grills for traditional roasts and that in turn allow to enjoy the surroundings and spectacular scenery.

Photo of Bodega Berroja 1
Photo of Bodega Berroja 1

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Maximum capacity 650 pax

Location Vizcaya

Bodega Berroja, is a family business, located in the heart of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve. 30 minutes from Bilbao. Its facilities have a large shared social space (400m2), and a Txoza (100m2) in the Balcony of Urdaibai, equipped with audiovisual media, wifi connection, etc. and equipped for exclusive celebration, social and business events .

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