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Club Med Magna Marbella

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Maximum capacity 860 pax

Distance city centre 2 km

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Contact person: Jacobo Recarte

C. Padre Paco Ostos, SN., Marbella, Málaga

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Club Med Magna Marbella

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Club Med Magna Marbella opened its doors in May 2022, covers an area of 14 hectares and offers 487 rooms, all rooms have private terraces and offer spectacular sea or mountain views. Its convention centre is unique in the area, with more than 18 meeting rooms of all sizes (one of them with capacity for 860 people). All rooms are equipped with the latest technology. The high quality gastronomy with local products are part of the essence of Club Med. In addition, within the resort we can practice a wide variety of sports and activities (Padel, Tennis, Golf, Archery, Football, Volleyball…), everything is included. Meetings & Events by Club Med puts all its experience at your service to achieve maximum success in the organisation of your event.

Club Med was founded in 1950, and today we are present in more than 75 dream destinations around the world, in each of them we offer our pioneering and exclusive formula: Premium all-inclusive, an extraordinary 360º experience for any type of event.

The true all-inclusive, now in Marbella.

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If you need a space for events in Málaga pide request a quote from Club Med Magna Marbella, complete the following form so they can get in touch with you and assist with your event.

Maximum capacity 860 pax

Location 2 km

Advantages of choosing Club Med for your event:

  1. All-inclusive: We pioneered the “all-inclusive” concept. One of the best advantages of Club Med is that it offers a true all-inclusive package that covers accommodation, food, drink, activities and entertainment. This means you can enjoy your holiday without worrying about additional expenses.
  2. Worldwide locations: Club Med has resorts in numerous destinations around the world, from tropical beaches to the best ski resorts in the mountains.
  3. Activities for all ages: Club Med offers a variety of activities designed for people of all ages, from water sports, land sports, excursions to clubs for children and teens.
  4. Fine dining: Club Med resorts offer a wide variety of dining options, from buffets to themed restaurants with high quality, local produce.
  5. Entertainment and nightlife: Club Med offers live entertainment, shows and evening activities. This ensures that the nights are just as exciting as the days.
  6. High quality service: At Club Med we strive to provide a high quality and personalised service. We take care of every detail to create a memorable experience from start to finish. Your event/holiday, no prebooking.
  7. Classes and sports: Club Med resorts offer a wide range of classes and sports. We consider ourselves to be the largest sports school in the world.
  8. Relaxed atmosphere: Club Med promotes a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Disconnect…. to reconnect.
  9. Variety of accommodation options: Club Med resorts offer a variety of accommodation types, from standard rooms to luxury suites, allowing you to tailor your stay to your needs and budget.

Club Med is therefore the ideal choice for those who wish to enjoy a carefree stay with a wide range of activities and amenities in the most beautiful destinations around the world.

Happy to Care! Since our founding in 1950, Club Med has been aware that our planet’s resources are not infinite and we are conscious of the impact of tourism on the environment. We also know that our employees want to contribute to positive change. Families, couples and companies from all over the world rely on us for their holiday breaks or for hosting events and meetings. For us this is a unique privilege, but also a responsibility. Club Med was born out of a desire for conviviality and reunion through nature; an inspiring vision that goes hand in hand with a desire to respect the regions that welcome us, their communities, their landscapes and their resources, and to contribute to their social development. This vision continues to guide our commitment, now and in the future.

Club Med Magna Marbella, puede ser reservado en exclusividad. En la exclusividad ofrecemos:

  • Exclusive use of the entire resort. 14 hectares of land, walking from the main building all activities are within 8 minutes walking distance. Magna Marbella opened its doors in May 2022.
  • 487 rooms available to the group (Superior, Deluxe and Suites). Distribution of the rooms to be defined by the client.
  • All meals and beverages. Any time of the day (including alcoholic beverages).
  • Sports: All sports (tennis, paddle tennis, golf, football, archery, circus, basketball…) are included. Tournaments, olympics…etc. could be organised.
  • Activities: All activities and assistance/management/organisation staff are included and at the full disposal of the client.
  • Evening entertainment (discotheque) with drinks and alcoholic beverages, all included.
  • Meeting rooms: Use of all meeting rooms according to the client’s needs. Including also our ballroom with a capacity for more than 850 people.
  • Equipment and furniture of the meeting rooms.
  • Personalisation: Possibility of personalising the entire stay according to the client’s needs.
  • Free parking inside the resort.
  • Staff: All our staff is at the client’s disposal.
  • Proximity: At Magna Marbella everything is within the resort, which makes it very convenient.


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