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El Escondite de Pedro Malillo

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Maximum capacity 30 pax

Location En el campo

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Contact person: Álvaro Morenes

Carretera de Chilla Km 3,6, Candeleda, Madrid

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El Escondite de Pedro Malillo

El Escondite de Pedro Malillo The cottages «El Escondite de Pedro Malillo» are located in a privileged enclave 185 km from Madrid, in the Sierra Gredos, in Candeleda (Avila, Castilla Leon), in the heart of La Vera and the Sierra de Gredos (Natural Park) and 4 kilometers from the town center. The rural complex is located on 6 hectares of land and consists of 7 houses (7 gardens, 6 swimming pools).

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Maximum capacity 30 pax

Location Madrid

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The houses are totally independent, sunny and with excellent views, high ceilings and large windows. They are fully equipped and well thermally conditioned. All except Las Adelfas house (1 bedroom) have swimming pools, garden, private barbecues, independent entrance and parking, and luxury facilities. The land is located in the best area of Candeleda, the ascent to the Ermita de Chilla, nicknamed «The Golden Mile» of the area, one of the most striking and most magical places in the Sierra Gredos. At an altitude of 600 meters above sea level and protected by the mountains enjoys a privileged micro climate in the center of Spain. The variety of environments within the farm is remarkable, meadows, forest and a stream where the water crosses and falls between large.

Information about the area

Candeleda and its surroundings offer a lot of activities and places of interest, from areas of great beauty and nature to activities, sports, culture and archaeology, hiking etc.. El escondite offers its customers an APP with all the information of the area geolocated and with its corresponding web. The south face of Gredos, where Candeleda is located, is characterized by a privileged climate for being in the center of Spain, where it hardly snows below 1000 meters of altitude. Finally, from Candeleda and El Escondite, you have available for day trips to a variety of localities with history and culture, such as Guadalupe, Plasencia, Trujillo, Caceres, Avila, Arenas de San Pedro, etc.

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El Escondite arises from an illusion of a married couple after years of life in Madrid, with a large family of three children and a long professional career, he as a consultant and CFO in multinationals and she as a gymnast and teacher. After a process of maturation and some trips to pousadas in Brazil and country houses in France, we decided to create the rural complex of the Escondite de Pedro Malillo, a different, intimate, comfortable and natural space for people who are subjected to modern life, stress, long working hours, rush and few moments of personal and family contacts. Our work aims that these people rediscover tranquility, pure air, silence, clean and starry skies, nature, the sun and finally and mainly to live and enjoy their family and friends, without problems. We want to achieve something special, of which we feel proud and where people, friends or families, grandparents, parents and children, have privacy and space to rest and find moments of union, dialogue, relaxation and mutual enjoyment of each other.

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