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El Jardín de Gomérez

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Maximum capacity 250 pax

Location Centro de la ciudad

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Photo of El Jardín de Gomérez 1
Photo of El Jardín de Gomérez 1

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Maximum capacity 250 pax

Location Granada

This palatial house consists of three floors with a total of 730 m2

The entrance to the ground floor, where access to the House, still jealously guards the hidden treasure. It consists of a living room with capacity for 60 people, which was formerly gaming room. Also open the majestic staircase to the first floor classrooms.

It consists of a magnificent garden, and also the chapel in honor of San Onofre and the sacristy. This plant has a total of 250m 2.

The first we are, a succession of rooms each of them with its charm and personality. One opens to the garden, cuesta Gomérez others to, but all of them have attempted to respect its original charm and flavor of the story that saved. Most have fireplaces that are lit for the occasion, giving a very cosy atmosphere. All of this gives a unique noble air. This first floor occupies about 300m 2 of total.

On the next floor down the stairs, and found new classrooms with their chimneys, and a spectacular library. This area, a bit more modern but no less noble, it is brighter and is precisely their closures to the garden or the slope Gomérez that dazzles. From here there is the dome of the chapel. This plant has 250 m 2 to dream.

Who goes beyond the doors of this mansion, can’t imagine what’s behind them. From its Chapel full of history, to the warmth and the packaging of their classrooms.

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