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Fundación Cristóbal Balenciaga

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Maximum capacity 1.000 pax

Location Centro de la ciudad

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The Foundation has the mission to promote, develop and publicise the enormous importance of the figure and work of the couturier Cristóbal Balenciaga Eizagirre in the world of fashion and particularly haute couture, and in artistic creation in general.

Photo of Fundación Cristóbal Balenciaga 1
Photo of Fundación Cristóbal Balenciaga 1

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Maximum capacity 1.000 pax

Location Gipuzkoa

This cultural equipment has the ideal spaces to guarantee the success of all the acts that are organized inside.

The volumetric and structural conception of the new building annexed to the palace was conceived by Julián Argilagos. The final formal definition of the building-frontal and posterior facade, interior design and museology-is the work of the AV62arquitectos team. It is a great volumetric longitudinal, sinusoidal and trapezoidal section, closed with glass curtain wall. In the interior three large suspended volumes house the exhibition halls.

The main façade-a clean and dark vertical plane, which is folded to build the entrance door to the museum-has a clear desire for neutrality so that the Palace retains its representative preeminence.

The treatment of interior spaces-surfaces, materials, colours and furniture-creates a placid and enveloping atmosphere, clarifying the entrance of light. The use of dark grey in the larger walls reduces and makes the perception of the interior scale of the building more human. The brilliant colors applied strategically differentiate the spaces-reception, shop, multipurpose room and cafeteria-. From interior design spaces are defined to achieve areas of clear and cozy use. The suspended volumes of the exhibition halls must be completely obscure. They are clad in a double-skin finish with a large-scale floral print cut sheet that contributes to give them depth and lightness.

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