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Mercado San Agustín

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Location Centro de la ciudad

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From the most eclectic to the most avant-garde proposal, the Mercado de San Agustín proposes you to transcend the limits of gastronomy through a range of experiences that delight your senses.

Tradition and Innovation merge in an original concept that since its opening in July 2014, has marked a counterpoint in the field of restoration in the city of Toledo.

This gastronomic space not only has a privileged location in the heart of Toledo, but is distributed in a building that follows the most contemporary architecture.

Photo of Mercado San Agustín 1
Photo of Mercado San Agustín 1

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If you need a space for events in Toledo pide request a quote from Mercado San Agustín, complete the following form so they can get in touch with you and assist with your event.

Location Toledo

We work on quotation, so the rental price by exclusivity will be determined by the number of people and the menu chosen. As a result of this the space can be assigned for free or have a fixed in concept of rent.

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