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Auditorio Nissan Cartuja

Organise your event in Auditorio Nissan Cartuja

Maximum capacity 506 pax

Distance city centre 2 km

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Contact person: Rosa Ávila

C/ Albert Einstein, s/n, Sevilla, Sevilla

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Nissan Cartuja Auditorium stands out for the great versatility of each of the spaces that make up the venue, thanks to which it allows us to offer different options according to the needs that our clients give us for the celebration of any type of corporate event.

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Maximum capacity 506 pax

Location 2 km


Located in La Cartuja, the former site of Expo 92 in Seville, this space was designed and built as the IMAX room of the Canadian Pavilion, later being converted, after a long period of renovations, into a venue with the capacity to accommodate any typology of corporate event.

Its location facilitates the logistics of the public attending the event, being within a radius of no more than 15 minutes from places of reference such as hotels in the city of Seville, Santa Justa or the airport.

Technical equipment and facilities

Regarding its facilities, the reforms carried out are designed so that in all its spaces there are different graphic, digital and luminous supports available to our clients, which allows us to create a personalized visual setting for each event.


The enclosure is accessed through its entrance hall, located on the ground floor. This space is ideal for registering attendees, as well as for the cloakroom service.

In its first one is the Multipurpose Room, the most versatile space of the enclosure. Thanks to its size of 450m² and its completely diaphanous distribution, this space can accommodate from restaurant/catering services to small conventions, product presentations or exhibition hall in corporate congresses.

On the second floor is our auditorium. A space with 506 seats and a fairly complete basic technical rider in terms of sound, lights and video.

You have trusted us:

– XI Agrippina Awards Edition.

– Junta de Andalucía: Act of imposition of decorations of the Order of Police Merit of the unit of the National Police Corps attached to the autonomous community of Andalusia.

– Expert Minds: Lectures by Luis Galindo and Emilio Duró.

– Ilerna Graduation Ceremony.

– La Caixa Corporate Convention.

– Cajasol Studies Institute Graduation Ceremony.

– Canal Sur Radio and Television: Recording of the programs El Show del Comandante Lara and Superacústico del Fiesta.

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