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SB Glow

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Maximum capacity 200 pax

Larger room capacity 200 pax

Distance city centre 2 km

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Contact person: Laura Guillén

Calle Badajoz 148-154, Barcelona, Barcelona

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Hotel SB Glow surprising event rooms with sizes that range from 376 ft2 to 3,982 ft2 suitable to host your successes, unforgettable moments or eternal smiles. Equipped with the latest technology and all the human talent you may need.

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If you need a space for events in Barcelona pide request a quote from SB Glow, complete the following form so they can get in touch with you and assist with your event.

Maximum capacity 200 pax

Larger room capacity 200 pax

Location 2 km

Hotel SB Glow a hotel that shines with its own light So that you can shine at all times, especially during your event. The hotel offers more than 500 m2 for meetings, conventions, conferences and banquets. 7 rooms of great functionality and versatility, with natural light, latest-generation technological equipment and capacity for 300 people (in theater style). Hotel SB Glow is located in one of Europe’s most cosmopolitan and popular cities, Barcelona, next to Plaça de les Glòries and in the heart of the 22@ technological district, by the traditional Poblenou area and a 20-minute walk from the beach. You will have all of the city’s options at your fingertips thanks to the excellent transport connections. Whether you are coming for business or pleasure, we offer the ideal location to enjoy the city.

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GARDEN 11054.5404021306028
GARDEN 22044.5803910511056
GARDEN 3584.5203015243014
GROUND 1354.510915187
GROUND 2354.510915187
GARDEN 1+23094.51206013517084
GARDEN 2+32624.51005413014070

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