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Viñedos Cigarral Santa María

Organise your event in Viñedos Cigarral Santa María

Location Centro de la ciudad

Your event space in Toledo

We organize all kinds of events in our Cigarral. presentations, courses, business meetings and a long ETCETERA. Our extensive experience in the sector ensures SUCCESS. We take care of every detail of your guests.

With capacity for up to 800 people, it is ideal for big gala Dinners.

Our great parking allows the possibility to reach the Cigarral by Bus. It is the perfect place for your company to celebrate its special meeting.

Photo of Viñedos Cigarral Santa María 1
Photo of Viñedos Cigarral Santa María 1

Ask for a quotation

If you need a space for events in Toledo pide request a quote from Viñedos Cigarral Santa María, complete the following form so they can get in touch with you and assist with your event.

Location Toledo

Viñedos Cigarral Santa María welcomes you to an incomparable place, the Emperor’s hill, where one of the best panoramic views of the city of Toledo is Admired.

Adolfo and his team work to make the Cigarral the best experience for any professional event.

If you decide to celebrate your professional event with us you choose one of the most solid business groups and professions in the organization of high level Events.

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