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Yimby Bilbao

Organise your event in Yimby Bilbao

Maximum capacity 150 pax

Location Centro de la ciudad

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Contact person: Marian Sandoval

Calle Ercilla, 24 – 1º, Bilbao, Vizcaya

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Yimby Bilbao – A SET OF SINGULAR SPACES Adapted to your needs to give a touch of exclusivity to the event you organise. 1,200 m² in five modular and versatile rooms that you can combine and adapt to your event. The ideal place to carry out all kinds of initiatives and ideas: showrooms, pop up stores, workshops, presentations, outlets… Located at street level on Rampas de Uribitarte, nº 1. A Yimby in another emblematic building, the SOTA building, in the heart of Bilbao’s Gran Vía. 225 m² divided into four multi-purpose rooms that can be combined according to your needs. CELEBRATE YOUR EVENT AT YIMBY Translated with (free version)

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Photo of Yimby Bilbao 1
Photo of Yimby Bilbao 2
Photo of Yimby Bilbao 3
Photo of Yimby Bilbao 4
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If you need a space for events in Vizcaya pide request a quote from Yimby Bilbao, complete the following form so they can get in touch with you and assist with your event.

Maximum capacity 150 pax

Location Vizcaya



Because we know that every idea you propose to us will be totally different. We have all the services and facilities for the celebration of your event, exploring solutions with a plus of creativity, but at the same time, giving you the possibility of bringing your trusted suppliers, if you wish.


The space adapts to the event and not the other way around. That’s Yimby! We want to be the ones who adapt to your needs, to your idea, and not you who has to adapt to the available space. That’s why our rooms combine and complement each other, to suit the event in every aspect.


Perfectly located in the centre of Bilbao. In Plaza Moyúa, a stone’s throw from all urban transport and very close to several public car parks. So that those attending your event can come as they wish, by metro, bus, taxi or even in their own vehicle.


All the rooms have natural light, but the patio… the patio is a magical place of which we are especially proud. Our courtyard «The Forest of Promises» is the image of Yimby: with a glass roof and light flooding in to illuminate a totally different design. Come and see for yourself.

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